The next stage in sales, marketing & communication: Wes Schaeffer at TEDxTemecula

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Wes Schaeffer is an author, speaker, consultant, and owner of The Sales Whisperer, a sales training and marketing firm. A graduate of both the United States Air Force Academy and Texas A&M, Wes says he is bi-lingual in "Geek" and "Bubba," but hailing from the South, he prefers Bubba. A resident of the Temecula Valley since 2004, Wes personifies his motto of "Life's too short for follow-up calls" by mastering the delicate balance of technology with a personal touch. He launched his business in 2006 to help professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs sell more, faster, at higher margin with less stress and more fun.

Welcome to 1926 all over again, minus the hard-closes, caveat emptors and selling in secrecy. The power has been returned to the people and it is rewarding the honest marketer.

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