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Hi, Bob. Congratulations, I hear you got your real estate license and are now working as a Realtor.

That's right, Bill. And I was hoping you would share a few advertising secrets to help me launch my new career.

Well, it's really not a secret, but there is one strategy that I've seen Realtors use over the years. And it's proven successful for new and experienced agents alike.

Really? Tell me, what is it?

Working a farm area.

What's a farm area?

A farm area is a neighborhood or in some cases, several neighborhoods, where you let everyone know that you're the number one real estate professional in the area.

How can I do that?

By sending a mailing or distributing door hangers at least once a month.

But I'm just starting out. I don't know if I can afford a monthly advertising campaign.

Then start small, perhaps 500 homes. In other words, adjust the size of your farm area to fit your budget.

Hmm, I see. So if I mail 500 postcards, how many new listings do you think I'll get?

Well, to be honest, maybe none at first.

But wait a minute, you said this was a successful strategy.

It is. But with real estate marketing, slow and steady wins the race. You can't control when somebody decides to sell his or her house. But you might be able to control whether or not they think of you when they make that decision.


By reaching out to them at least once a month with a postcard or door hanger to create a top of mind awareness of you and your services. Be consistent and patient, and you will do just fine.