Marketing Slangs & Jargons – Business English ESL Lesson

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Business English Lesson : Marketing Slangs & Jargons

Skyrocket : to go up suddenly (said of prices, sales, etc.)

Demographics : the characteristics of people in a certain group (such as their age, sex, income, education, location, etc.) used to determine where a product should be advertised.

Tie-up : a mutually beneficial promotion with another company.

Stuffer : a promotional flyer that is "stuffed" into an envelope or package along with other items.

Rebate : a partial refund offered when purchasing a product.

Elite customer : a name given to a frequent, high-spending customer who is offered
special discounts and shopping opportunities (such as shopping at special times, advance notice about sales, etc.)

Cash cow : a product (or project) that generates a continuous flow of money.

Cutting edge : the most technologically advanced.

Launch a product : to introduce and supply a product to stores

Line : products that are related to each other or within the same category.

Hype : excessive publicity and exaggerated claims about a product.

Hook : a marketing idea that attracts or "hooks" a potential buyer, an enticement.